Zinc cp anode

Zinc alloy anodes with high driven voltage are suitable for the protection of pipeline and marine structures from corrosion in highly conductivity electrolyte ( seawater ) at ambient temperatures.

Zinc alloy anode can also be used in applications where spark hazards need to be avoided as in storage tanks containing flammable hazards. Zinc alloy anodes are mostly used for marine applications such as fishing boat, leisure boats, submarine, rudder, outboard, stern drive, ballast tank, offshore platform, bridge and oil pipeline etc..

Zinc alloy anode can be either mounted directly to the metal being protected or connected with a wire to perform cathodic protection (cp).

Zinc cp anode Types
  • zinc alloy rod anode for sacrificial cathodic protection
  • zinc alloy pencil anode for heat exchanger and condenser
  • Zn alloy disc anodes for marine applications
  • sacrificial cathodic protection (cp) zinc plate anode
  • Zn alloy wire anode for submerged pipeline ( oil pipe lines )
  • zinc bracelet sacrificial cp anodes for pipe line
  • submerged / harbour / buried pipe line sacrificial zinc cp anode
  • jacket pipeline in oil well / gas well sacrificial zinc cp anode
  • storage tank / offshore / onshore / industrial cooler zinc anode
  • sea water / submarine / drilling rig pipeline sacrificial zinc cp anode
  • keel cooler / engine / propeller nut sacrificial zinc cp anode
  • grounding steel tower / well casting sacrificial zinc cp anode
  • ship hull / ballast tank / dock / pleasure boat zinc sacrificial anode
  • rudder / platform / jetty & wharf / fishing vessel zinc cp anode
  • condenser / heater / boiler / heat exchanger sacrificial zinc anode