TiTaN, the special metal engineering and fabrication Company manufactures high quality thermowells for measurement instruments in extreme temperature and corrosive industrial applications.

Thermowells are most common, convenient and versatile devices used to protect the temperature sensors from damage due to corrosion, pressure or flow of abrasive or viscous media. TiTaN 's corrosion free (noncorrosive) thermowells are available in a variety of process connections like threaded thermowell, flanged thermowell and socket weld thermowell.

Serving customers worldwide, our professional engineering and production teams collaborate with process and design engineers to manufacture products that meet the most challenging demands of the food and beverage, dairy, nuclear, military, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.

TiTaN manufacture a comprehensive range of both solid drilled and fabricated Thermowells with a wide selection of configurations including screwed, flanged, welded or hygienic process attachments complete with a wide variety of extension pieces and additional options.

TiTaN also fabricates thermowells for longer lengths and other special constructions. TiTaN fabricates and offer thermowells with a large variety of alloys, and shapes, which corresponds to surrounding environments. TiTaN offers non corrosive thermowells in a variety of materials such as titanium, tantalum,zirconium,monel, inconel, hastelloy, duplex & SS etc.

Thermowells Types
  • threaded thermowell
  • flanged thermowell
  • socketed thermowell
  • straight thermowells
  • tapered thermowells
  • stepped thermowell
  • flanged with lagging thermowell
  • threaded with lagging thermowell
  • socket weld with lagging thermowell
  • bar stock (barstock) thermowell
  • metal lined / cladded or clad thermowells