Tantalum repair kit


Tantalum repair kit is an ideal technology used for repairing the cracks (crack) that are found in glass lined equipments which cannot be repaired by any other methods / technology in an effective way.

By its nature of high corrosion resistance, tantalum is widely used in the chemical (pharmaceutical or pharma, specialty chemical & dyes) engineering field.

There are certain economical considerations which forces the industry to look into glass which is similar to tantalum , by its corrosion resistant property.

Though glass plays the role of tantalum in certain areas, tantalum has got the market by it's excellent mechanical and metal property and by the way of arresting the breakages / leaks of the glass equipments (using tantalum repair kit) due to it's own property.

Based on the intensity of the crack developed in the glass lining, TiTaN adopts various methods of repairing by using the wide range of tantalum repair kits like

Materials (MOC)
Tantalum repair kit Types
  • Tantalum domed washer & disc
  • Tantalum repair kit set screws
  • Tantalum hexagonal head screw
  • Tantalum repair kit 's slot screw
  • Tantalum repair kit hexagonal nuts
  • Tantalum cap nut with cupped points
  • Tantalum hexagonal nuts with cupped points
  • Tantalum repair kit hexagonal nuts with radius
  • eliminates the capital investment of the new glass lined equipment
  • increased life time of equipment and reduced shutdown timing