Special Metal electrodes

The use of insoluble metal anodes for electroplating industries has multiple advantages. The anode geometry remains constant with time, allowing current and therefore metal distribution to be optimised and can be maintained easily.

TiTaN offers the PLATMA series platinized Titanium insoluble anodes for Copper applications for printed circuits using pulse periodic reverse (PPR) technology, with an Iridium or Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) -coated Ti substrate.

Use of special type anodes increases in the electroplating bath’s life. Anode maintenance is also minimised and there is no need to stop lines to clean and replenish anodes, change anode bags and re-film anodes. This increases the productivity and a reduction in labour costs. Insoluble special anodes also prevent potential problems with metal particulates associated with soluble anodes, which threaten to come onto on the plated substrate, creating a reject.

TiTaN's special type insoluble anodes are :

Rotogravure cylinder plating anode
Copper foil plating anode
Ring electrode for ClO2 plant.
Wire plating anodes
Metal recovery anodes.
Electrowinning anodes
Nickel cathode

TiTaN's special metal electrodes are :

platinum anode for fuel cell
lead dioxide metal anode-LEDMA
lead dioxide graphite anode-LEDGA
water ionizer electrodes
fuel cell electrodes & Accessories