KLOROGEN®-BW, ship ballast water Cell

Safe & Secure Ballast Water Management

TiTaN®s' KLOROGEN®-BW Ballast Water Treatment Cells has been design-engineered to meet the stringent IMO regulation and guidelines for BWT (ballast water treatment) D1 to D4, G1,G3 to G14 with respect to the ballast water intake treatment and discharge treatment.

BIO INVASION AND AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES: Ships often take up ballast water in ports and coastal regions, where the ecosystems have a rich diversity of life. These biologically diverse waters, and their underlying sediments,including many forms of viruses, bacteria, plankton, algae, crustaceans, plants and animals, are sucked into vessels’ ballast tanks. Ballast water released during various stages of the ship’s journey, including at sea, along coastlines, and in various ports, results a diverse mix of organisms transported and released around the world.In addition, ballast water can carry organisms that endanger public health, including toxic dinoflagellates and cholera bacteria, having ecological effects.

In order to stop an invasion, organisms must not be discharged from ballast tanks. This action can be achieved by not taking organisms into ballast tanks, killing organisms during the voyage, or not discharging organisms when ballast water is released.


KLOROGEN®-BW, a multi-functional (ballasting & deballasting), bio-friendly electrochemical cell generates sodium hypochlorite with mixed radicals - a safe,reliable and secure solution for NEUTRALIZATION OF VARIOUS MARINE SPECIES in ballast tank.

TiTaN® standard ballast water treatment cell (electrolyser) combines the physical separation with mixed oxidants generation system as either modular, skid assembled or containerized which integrates the ballast water treatment system. TiTaN®s' KLOROGEN®-BW design ensures adequate provisions for either retrofit or for new builds and can be designed to suit the specified drawing of ballast water systems.


TiTaN® with its three decades of experience in electrochemical technology offers KLOROGEN® BW SERIES ballast water treatment cells for generation of mixed oxidants & NaOCl ,the most effective ,SAFE ,ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON HAZARDOUS METHOD OF TREATING BALLAST WATER MAKING THE BALLAST TANK FREE OF MARINE ORGANISMS BY DISINFECTING AND MAKING THEM INACTIVE AND DESTROYING THEM.

KLOROGEN®-BW, ship ballast water CellTypes
  • Vertical BWTS electrolyser
  • Horizontal BWTS electrolyser
  • Onsite generation of biocide (disinfectant)
  • Safe and Bio degradable disinfectant
  • Multi-configurable electrolyzer modules
  • KLOROGEN® BW discharges Zero Halogen
  • No Hazardous chemicals used or evolved
  • Replacement cells for existing BWT systems