Reference Electrode

Reference electrodes are used to measure the oxidising or reducing power of the working electrode / anode. Reference electrodes acts as a reference point along the potential axis by which the oxidizing or reducing power of the working electrode or anode can be measured. TiTaN offers Ag / AgCl2, Cu/CuSO4, Zn / ZnSO4 types of reference electrodes.

Since 1981, TiTaN the manufacturer and supplier of variious types of anodes and electrodes offers various types for reference electrodes for various applications globally.

Reference electrodes we offer :

silver / sliver chloride reference electrode (Ag / AgCl2 electrodes)
copper / copper sulfate reference electrode (Cu/CuSO4 electrodes)
zinc / zinc sulfate reference electrode (Zn / ZnSO4 electrodes)

Silver / Silver Chloride reference electrode is a simple, stable, non-toxic electrode. TiTaN's Silver / Silver Chloride electrodes are used for reinforced concrete structures, water boxes, tanks and pipes etc.

Copper / Copper Sulfate reference electrode is mainly used for testing cathodic protection corrosion control systems. These reference electrodes are having longer life and is available in bare and packaged in backfill types for underground and fresh water applications.

Zinc / Zinc Sulfate reference electrode has the longest life compare to any other reference electrodes. These reference electrodes are available with and without backfill for underground and fresh water applications.