metallic vessels for chemical processing

More than three decades of experience in design and fabrication of heavy equipments of exotic materials allow TiTaN to provide reactors of any design including solid, lined or cladded construction.

Since 1981, TiTaN the manufacturer and supplier of high quality and price competitive stirred and non-stirred exotic metal (titanium, zirconium, hastelloy, nickel, inconel, duplex, monel) reactors / reactor vessels for a wide range of applications.

More than two decades of TiTaN's superior knowledge and experience in fabricating custom process equipment using titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel, monel, inconel, hastelloy, incolloy, duplex, super duplex and SS, allow us to accomodate special customer requirements and specifications in providing design, engineering, fabrication and consulting services in the manufacture of chemical process reactors.


  • DIN / NACE


  • CAD / CAE / PV Elite
  • CODE Calc

We are the manufacturer and supplier of wide variety of exotic metal chemical reactors including hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals for the chemical processing industries.

TiTaN address the factors for chemicals including operating temperature, operating pressure / vacuum, corrosion considerations / ph /acidic levels, purity, operating environment, materials of construction, codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance, viscosity, and appropriate design standards.

We design and build most major exotic metal (titanium / tantalum / zirconium / hastelloy ) reactor and complete all required finishing and testing processes in our facility. This allows us to manufacture a wide range of standard and custom pressure vessels and processing reactors more cost-effectively while maintaining the highest quality.

Reactors Types
  • Limpet coil reactor
  • Jacketed reactor
  • Non jacketed reactors
  • Inner coiled reactors
  • Dimpled reactor
  • Stirred reactor
  • Heavy walled reactor
  • Experienced and qualified welding teams
  • Strong History and large range of references in acetic acid
  • Experience in designing solid or cladded pressure vessels
  • Design according to international standards
  • Material according to ASTM, EN, AS, GB
  • Dedicated clean room for manufacturing
  • Proven quality system
  • Cost-effective solution