Platinized niobium metal anodes

PLATINISED NIOBIUM METAL ANODE is very light in weight, flexible, and strong. The niobium substrate is resistant to corrosion, and remains dimensionally stable over its operating life, and consumption of the platinum coating is extremely low. TiTaN's PLANMA (Platinised Niobium metal anode) anodes can be used in numerous geometries.

TiTaN's Platinized niobium metal anode ( PLANMA ) is the most suitable anode to the electrolytes having fluoride. Commercially pure niobium has been confirmed to have a high resistance to anodic breakdown potential in sodium chloride and sea water. Niobium has attraction for use over titanium where extremely high reliability is required in long life, high value iccp systems, and accordingly is so used.

TiTaN's platinized niobium wire anodes are designed for effective operating in fresh, brackish and saltwater; used in all types of aqueous storage and process equipment. These anode aren't adversely affected by high chloride concentrations. Also platinized tubular / rod anodes are used for cathodic protection in seawater environment Because of its low consumption rate, the anode may be employed in a cathodic protection system to achieve a long life.


  • Electrowinning anode
  • Cathodic protection anodes
  • Rhodium plating anode
  • Heavy metal recovery anode
  • Electrogalvanizing anode
  • Chromium plating anode
  • Hard chrome plating anodes
  • Copper plating anodes
  • Gold plating anodes
  • Electrochlorination anode)


Box anode, Rod anode, Wire anode, Ring anode, Plate anode, Ribbon anodes, Tubular anodes, Strip anodes, Mesh anodes, Any other geometry