Plating Anodes

Long Life Platinum Anodes for every metal finishing / electroplating industries

TiTaN supply all kind of anodes / cathodes required for plating. Nickel Cathodes, Stainless steel Cathodes, Platinum coated, Platinum Plated anodes, Mixed metal Oxide Anodes (MMO Coated). Please call us for your specifications . We will give the details

TiTaN supply all kind of anodes / cathodes required for plating industries and offers a full line of anodes for Hard Chrome and Decorative Chrome Plating, Anodizing, Precious metal Plating (Platinum plating, rhodium plating, gold plating, palladium plating). We specially design plating anodes where the conditions demand a level of corrosion resistance beyond the normal performance of conventional bath. Electro-plating industry anodes are supplied in various sizes and form factors - Cast, plate, conforming type, cylindrical, hollow -round, gauze wire, mesh or grid anodes and extruded anodes.

Electroplating special anodes are designed by TiTaN to fit a particular part, generally for OEM's in production quantities.TiTaN's dimensionally stable, long-life Plating anodes provides several distinct advantages and gives optimum performance during electroplating.

Benefits : Plating anode

  • ☞ Extremely stable and robust High plating rate and long bath life
  • ☞ Superior corrosion resistance
  • ☞ Consistent brightness throughout life
  • ☞ Faster deposition rate throughout life
  • ☞ Lead Free, Corrosion Free, Contaminant free baths