Pipes & Pipefittings

Butt-weld, Screwed, Lateral, branched pipe fittings

Our Product Range is complete - Butt Weld Elbows, Tees, Bends, Reducers, Caps, Nipples, Laterals or branch fittings; Forged Socket Weld and Threaded or screwed Elbows, Tees, Cross, Reducers, Sockets, Plugs, Bushing, Outlets and any special requirement.

Since 1981, TiTaN an ISO 9001 - 2008 company designs, engineer, manufacture and supply various types of pipes and pipe fitting. Our pipe fittings are used to connect wide variety of solid and fluid transportation non corrosive (corrosion resistant) pipe ends for inline, offset, multiport (multi port) positions.

TiTaN® provides a one stop shop for the procurement, fabrication and installation of piping (pipeline fittings & spools).Our pipe fittings are manufactured from wide variety of exotic metals such as titanium, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, duplex, monel, inconel, hastelloy, incolloy, nickel, super duplex, cupro nickel etc..

TiTaN's seamless pipes, welded or ERW pipes, butt-weld fittings of standard sizes, standard or non-standard or fabricated pipe spools has excellent non-corrosive characteristics, an ideal material and product of choice making installation easier with their lightweight nature.

Pipe spools are fabricated according to customer specified drawing. All fabricated pipespools are supplied with a comprehensive Manufacturer’s Data Report which includes the required material traceability, weld procedures, welder records and NDT reports. We follow all the latest ANSI, MSS, ASME and BS standards.

Pipes & Pipefittings Types
  • Forged fittings
  • Butt-weld fittings
  • Branching Outlet fittings
  • Pipe Ferrule fittings
  • Fabricated Pipe Spools