Pipes & Piping Spools fabrication

spools fabricated to custom specifications

Despite the fact that steel pipes tend to corrode, they have been used for many years. During the lifetime of the steel pipes, corroded pipes need to be replaced several times especially when the pipes are applied in sea water systems. It goes without saying that this is a costly and undesired situation. Furthermore replacing steel is a time consuming matter.

Instead of replacing the corroded steel pipes with steel, TiTaN®'s Corrosion Resistant Pipe Systems (NOTOK®) is your preferred material as it has excellent non-corrosive characteristics, an ideal material and product of choice for your retrofits.

The lightweight nature and the flexibility of the product make the installation easier and makes NOTOK® pipe fittings the preferred material for retrofits.

TiTaN® provides a one stop shop for the procurement, fabrication and installation of piping. Pipe spools are fabricated according to customer specified drawing. All fabricated pipespools are supplied with a comprehensive Manufacturer’s Data Report which includes the required material traceability, weld procedures, welder records and NDT reports.

  • A long service life due to its non corrosive characteristics
  • Due to its lightweight nature (titanium) ПOTOK® piping systems have lower installation costs
  • Lower operational costs due to no maintenance
  • Non hazardous for environment and personnel
  • Easy to install & easy repair