Modular Chlorate Cell Anode

In chlorate industries modular cell ( modular electrolyzer ) is used to produce Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3) and Potassium Chlorate ( KClO3 ) from Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Potassium Chloride ( KCl) by means of electrolytic oxidation.

These modular type chlorate cell ( modular electrolyzer ) contains TiTaN 's precious mixed metal oxide coated titanium substrate anodes, which is otherwise known as mmo titanium ( Ti ) anode.

TiTaN offer various types of mixed metal oxide coated titanium substrate anodes for modular type chlorate electrolyzer ( chlorate cells ). According to geometry TiTaN supplies plate type Ti anode for modular cell. Capacity wise our anode can be classified such as

MMO plate type titanium anode for 4 KA modular cell
Titanium anode for 6 KA & 8 kA modular electrolyzer
Mixed metal oxide anode for 12 KA modular type chlorate cell
MMO coated titanium anode for 16 KA modular cell
MMO titanium metal anode for 48 KA chlorate modular cell