Mobile, chlorine generators

RT® Mobile chlor provides water disinfection where needed and avoids trucking or flying for potable water at-times for disaster relief, field clinics, refugee camps, construction or mining sites, security operations.

The RT® Mobile chlor unit incorporates electrochlorination (electrolysis) process that provides totally safe, excellent quality and usable water. The electro-chlorination process at-site demands no harmful chemicals(chlorine) as required by other systems, only common salt as brine solution or salt water (swimming pool) is required for chlorine generation to devitalize the bacteria and viruses.

The heart of this treatment system is the KLOROGEN®-SC Series electro-chlorine generator, a biocidal production electrolyzer that kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, cysts, protozoa and algae spores on contact.

Small in size, yet high in capacity, this uniquely arranged unit is designed to provide water disinfection when and where it's needed. It is easily transportable on trailer, or in the bock of a compact pickup, or air lifted by helicopter with its own standard sling. All you need is a water source and a tank in which to store the clean water. Everything else is provided

TiTaNs' RT MOBILE CHLOR™ lightweight enough to be moved to remote locations when roads are blocked or damaged Skid mounted-units that can be easily loaded onto a vehicle and transported.

  • Automatic Chlorinator
  • Proven performance
  • Advanced Engineering & design
  • Safest & most durable
  • Simple & economical
  • Automatic Cell self-cleaning
  • Intelligent 24/7 operation
  • No Hazard chemical storage
  • process water treatment
  • swimming pool water treatment disinfection
  • camping or field use water
  • personal, household water disinfection
  • community / commercial water treatment
  • outdoor swimming pool chlorinator
  • apartment swimmingpool chlorinators
  • water theme park swimming pool chlorinator
  • resort swimming pool electrochlorinators