Mixed metal oxide ICCP anode

Mixed metal oxide ICCP anodes are small, lighter in weight, and operates at current densities much higher than the conventional impressed-current anodes. The MMO CP anodes performs well in deep and conventional ground beds, and in fresh, brackish, and saltwater electrolytes..

Anodes are specially designed for aqueous environments with a PVC perforated tube that directs current flow and provides extra protection to the anode.

The traditional large and heavy impressed-current anodes are thought to be the only way for preventing corrosion in numerous types of buried and submerged structures. With the development of the mixed metal oxide anodes, the idea has been greatly challenged.The coating of the mixed metal oxides on the anodes has an almost negligible consumption rate of less than 1.0 mg/amp-yr. TiTaN manufactures the complete solid mixed-metal oxide anodes for use in a variety of corrosion-prone environments. The anodes are composed of titanium rod, titanium tube, titanium ribbon mesh substrates, which are coated with amixed-metal-oxide catalyst. The titanium substrate, totally stable, transfers direct electrical current through the mixed-metal-oxide coating.

  • mixed metal oxide coated tubular anode for impressed current cp
  • expanded mesh mmo impressed current cathodic portection anode
  • mixed metal oxide coated probe impressed current cp anode (iccp)
  • impressed current cathodic protection wire anode ( mmo anode )
  • prepacked ( prepackaged ) canistered tubular anode for iccp
  • activated titanium rod / plate anode for impressed current cp
  • activated titanium disk anode for impressed current cp ( iccp )
  • mixed metal oxide titanium impressed current cp anode (Ti anode)
  • mmo zirconium insoluble anode for cathodic protection (Zr anode)
  • mixed metal oxide insoluble tantalum anode for iccp ( Ta anodes )
  • mmo niobium insoluble anode for impressed current cp (Nb anode)
  • salt / fresh / brackish water tank / oil tank iccp anode
  • sea water / fresh water / floating / sub sea structure iccp anode
  • mud / fresh / salt surface gound bed / piling iccp anode
  • impressed current cathodic protection marine / ship hull anode
  • deep well impressed current cathodic protection anode
  • heat exchanger / condenser impressed current cp anode
  • jetty / wharf / harbour / water pipeline cathodic protection anode
  • submerged pipeline impressed current cathodic protection anode
  • onshore / offshore steel construction impressed current cp anode
  • reinforced concrete bridge / building / port structure iccp anode
  • reinforced concrete foundation piling impressed current anode