Mercury Cell Anode


In chlor alkali industrie 's mercury cell process, the liquid mercury cathode and the purified brine concurrently flows into the mercury cell. The electrolytic process creates chlorine (Cl2) at the anode chamber and sodium at the cathode chamber.

The collected chlorine from the anode dried, compressed and bottled. The sodium will form sodium amalgam by mixing with mercury. The amalgam is then reacted with water to produce hydrogen gas and caustic soda solution. The caustic, mercury and hydrogen will be seperated before caustic is proceeding to storage. MMO Coated mercury cell anodes are of various types such as :

mesh type mercury cell anode ( activated titanium mesh anode )
rod type mercury cell anodes ( mmo coated titanium rod anode )
strip type mercury cell anode ( mixed metal oxide coated anode )
weir type mercury cell anodes ( activated titanium weir anode )
finger type mercury cell anode ( mmo coated titanium anode )