Marine growth prevention system

Biofouling in seawater lines are a perennial problem caused due to the barnacles, mussels and other forms of marine life in the seawater. For marine & offshore world such as Offshore PLATFORMS, FPSO, FSOs, NAVAL VESSELS, CRUISE SHIPS, CARGO SHIPS, OIL RIGS etc, seawater is the only source for cooling and fire water.

In such sensitive applications biofouling or the marine growth in the seawater line is a huge concern as it restricts cooling water flow in piping systems thus affecting the heat-transfer in the heatexchangers and condensers (clogging).

TiTaN®'s RT Marine™ Series of Marine Growth prevention Systems (MGPS) when fitted, generates various oxidants and radicals by seawater electrolysis including sodium hypochlorite onsite which inturn can be used to disinfect water, preventing marine growth.

RT Marine™ MARINE GROWTH PREVENTION SYSTEM (MGPS) incorporates TiTaN's state of art bipolar Cloromarine® disc electrolyzer or Hypopac® concentric tubular bipolar electrolyzer for generating free radicals. TiTaN's electrolyzer design incorporates free removal of hydrogen and also prevents scaling due to its ingenious design. These self cleaning design ensures near maintenance free operation without any acid cleaning, ensuring the marine growth prevention system to perform consistently for years together.

Marine growth prevention system Types
  • Offshore Skids
  • Marine Compact skids
  • Onshore Plant
  • Complete Protection against bio fouling
  • Consistent Disinfection disinfectant
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Instant Operation ( MGPS) System
  • Self Cleaning Electrolyzer design
  • Compact Modular Construction
  • Eliminates Hazardous material storage
  • Corrosion Proof design
  • Oil Rigs & Platforms marine fouling control
  • Offshore Process Platforms fouling control
  • FPSO preventing marine growths
  • FSO marine growth prevention
  • Navy Vessels MGPS (prevent fouling)
  • Cruise Ships prevention of biofouling
  • Passenger Ferries foulant control
  • Barges and Other Marine vessels