KLOROGEN®, Parallel Plate Electrolyzer

TiTaN®, Since 1981, with unrivalled range of electrochemical solutions which have been evolved based on its past experience & requirements by serving various electrochemical industries with comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient products including electrodes, electrolyzers & electrochlorination systems, offers the state of art KLOROGEN® SERIES parallel plate electrochemical hypochlorite generation cells / electrolyzer / electrochlorinator, an innovative technology for onsite generation of hypochlorite.

TiTaN®'s parallel plate electrolyzers are manufactured and designed for effective production of sodium hypo production and are offered as : KLOROGEN® SERIES Parallel plate assembly, designed for on-demand production of sodium hypochlorite from NaCl (common salt) brine solution and electricity; KLOROGEN®-S SERIES plate-assembly cells, designed for seawater based processes to prevent marine & bio-fouling at power plants, desalination plants, LNG terminals, coastal process industries


Sodium hypo chlorite (NaOCl), also known as "hypo" or "bleach", is a world-wide used and trusted water disinfectant having an unsurpassed disinfection spectrum and the most effective broad range disinfectant against all known pathogenic (disease-producing) bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

KLOROGEN®-S SERIES hypochlorite generators (electro chlorinator) converts natural brine (seawater) into 1st grade sodium hypochlorite (ELECTRO HYPO), by means of electrolysis process with the applied low voltage DC current. No chemicals other than ordinary salt are used throughout the process. The instant production of Hypochlorite solution at-site can be stored or utilized for water treatment and disinfection purposes and eliminates the storage and handling of bulk hazardous chemicals.


KLOROGEN®, Parallel Plate Electrolyzer Types
  • Horizontal electrolysers
  • Vertical electrolysers
  • Transparent electrolysers
  • Skid assembled electrolyzer
  • Electrolyzers with safety enclosure
  • Proven performance
  • Advanced Engineering & design
  • Safest & most durable
  • Simple & economical
  • Dimensionally stable ATMA® Anodes
  • Easy Installation & Service
  • Modular Construction
  • No Hazard chemical storage