Jewelry Plating Platinized Titanium anode

for Rhodium plating on jewels - Palladium Gold plating

Platinised Titanium (base metal-substrate) Mesh anode for rhodium plating on jewels - Palladium gold plating

TiTaN's platinum plated/ coated anodes are mesh designed for use in electro plating baths for Rhodium Plating and or acid-based Gold solutions. The platinized Titanium mesh anodes comes with a stem are suspended in plating baths with the mesh portion immersed in the electroplating solution.

Jewelry plating anodes with a standard 2.5 micron plating over titanium metal are available and custom plating solutions are also offered by us.

Anodes in a plating bath introduces electrical current and/or replenishes the metal ions and forms a layer to the work piece (object for plating). Particularly anodes are of two types one is soluble anodes - Copper, nickel, and silver anodes dissolve into the bath, replacing metal ions as they are deposited onto the work piece during plating.

The other anode is inert which remains stable dimensionally and are called inert anodes. TiTaN's Platinum anodes - Platinised Titanium (inert metal-oxide anodes) do not dissolve in the plating bath.

** Prices of Platinum coated anodes will fluctuate due to price of platinum and titanium base metals' market prices.