In the year 1981, the invention of “ ACTIVATED TITANIUM METAL ANODES (ATMA?)” by Dr. R. Thangappan, B.Sc. (Tech) Chem. Engg., Ph.D., MIE., MIIChE,FSAEST (Chairman-TiTaN), was the launch pad for TITANIUM TANTALUM PRODUCTS LIMITED (TiTaN?), ”To be the company of choice to customer of value in providing Solution to Corrosion?, by Engineering Excellence In Exotic Metals? or Engineering Excellence In Electrochemistry? Since 1981".

Today, TiTaN? stands as a reliable partner to all its clients in providing solutions to almost all their chemical, electrochemical, process & corrosion problems. TiTaN? has developed in-house capabilities to handle all Exotic metal fabrication needs with its sound engineering practices and modern infrastructure and facilities.

Through continuous Research & Development programs, TiTaN? has successfully introduced various processes and services for electrochemical and allied process industries - one that includes electrochlorination system (disinfection or water-treatment system) design, manufacturing and commissioning to the industry. With the reputation for reliability and quality, the company’s growth has sustained this sense of achievement and provided a direction for challenges for future.