High Strength Hypo Bleach Plant

Commercial Liquid Bleach Production Plant

TiTaN in the field of electrochemical technology for three decades has developed comprehensive line of exceptionally efficient products for the compelling specific requirements; technically designed and developed RT HYPOFORTE specially for hypochlorite consuming industries with the in-house-built RT AME advanced membrane electrolyzer technology.

Due to the hazardous nature of the liquid or gaseous chlorine, engineering and management controls are employed to minimize risks associated with its handling and use. Using aqueous sodium hypo-chlorite for disinfection or bleaching eliminates the inherent risks associated with storing and handling liquid or gaseous chlorine.

As an alternative to using liquid or gas chlorine, chlorine as aqueous sodium hypochlorite an inherently safer form makes modern bleach or disinfectant consumer industries to heavily rely on sodium hypochlorite. Sodium Hypochloritesolutions have attained wide-spread usage in bleaching operations and as disinfectants, both in the home and in industry. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) are commercially produced onsite by the reaction of chlorine and sodium hydroxide solution formed as major co-products from the chlor-alkali production membrane cells.

RT AME, The Advanced Membrane Cell

RT AME, the membrane electrolysis electrolyser generates chlorine and caustic, formed by separation of sodium-chloride ions with purified water at ion-exchange membranes.

TiTaN’s RT HYPOFORTE technology produces membrane grade sodium hypochlorite bleach of high quality at required concentration with the only feed in purified salt and water, operating the plant at a minimum cost and maximum safety compared to other existing commercial processes.

TiTaN’s RT HYPO FORTE, the membrane electrolysis technology provides safe and cost effective production of high purity, commercial-strength sodium hypochlorite solution with the simple, less expensive and easy source raw materials; purified salt (brine), water and electricity. RT HYPO FORTE produces pure bleach at the required concentrations either for own internal use on-site or alternatively distribution and consumer sale.

The RT HYPO FORTE electrochemical technology,a specific design for continuous production of commercial hypochlorite on-site, economically and harmless alternative to a disinfection with chlorine gas,chlorine bleaching or other compounds of chlorine. RT HYPO FORTE, the safe, zero-polluting and multi-configurable system produces bleach at required concentrations, ranging from 5 % to 15% of trade grade.

MODEL Cl2 Kg/day 12% HYPO PRODUCTION In Terms of Volume (lit/day)
RT HYPOFORTE 10 12 100
RT HYPOFORTE 20 24 200
RT HYPOFORTE 50 60 500
MODEL Cl2 Kg/day 12% HYPO PRODUCTION In Terms of Volume (lit/day)
RT HYPOFORTE 100 120 1000
RT HYPOFORTE 250 300 2500
RT HYPOFORTE 500 600 5000
MODEL Cl2 Kg/day 12% HYPO PRODUCTION In Terms of Volume (lit/day)
RT HYPOFORTE 1000 1200 10000
RT HYPOFORTE 2000 2400 20000
RT HYPOFORTE 5000 6000 50000
High Strength Hypo Bleach Plant Types
  • Land Based Hypo bleach plant
  • Skid Based liquid bleach plant
  • Mobile/ Containerized high strength hypo bleach (liquid chlorine) plant
  • Purchase salt and electricity (easy sourceable) instead of chlorine and caustic soda.
  • Eliminate handling, storage and distribution of liquid chlorine
  • On-site production with minimum waste discharge due to maximum recycle.
  • Expandable design by adding additional electrolyzer modules
  • Economic and high efficient process requires less power and forms less waste .
  • Uses indigenously developed RT AME electrolysers for easy support and durable operation.
  • Safe and easy operation produces HYPOCHLORITE with less impurities.
  • Low Bromate and Chlorate formation.