High Silicon Cast Iron Anode

HSI Impressed current anodes have longer life than sacrificial anodes in cathodic protection due to their less consumption rate, durability and strength. High Silicon Iron anodes are also known as HSI anode or insoluble anode.

High silicon iron Impressed Current Cathodic Protection anodes are widely used usually in conjunction with carbonaceous backfills in soils. HSI anode has also found limited use in marine and freshwater environments. High Silicon Iron Anode 's maximum operating current density is determined by the type of alloy and the environment.

The high silicon content ensures that the alloy forms a protective film containing silicon dioxide, SiO2. Silicon dioxide is highly resistant to acids but it is readily dissolved in alkaline conditions. High silicon iron anodes are extremely hard and cannot be machined easily. They are generally cast and then stress relieved by annealing.

Hight Silicon Cast Iron ( HSI ) rod anodes are minly used to protect the buried oil, gas, water pipe lines from corrosion. High Silicon Cast Iron anodes are cheapest anodes which can be used instead of platinized anode for buried pipeline 's cathodic protection purposes