Gas (H2,O2) Lifting electrolyzer

High rate liquor circulation & high energy efficient Cells.


TiTaN® designs the chlorate cells for hydrogen gas lift to obtain a high energy efficiency and minimum power cost. TiTaN® designs gas lifting chlorate cells for increased liquor flow velocity between electrodes to lower the energy consumption at chlorate plants. TiTaN’s Gas-lift Chlorate cell system design maximizes the gas lift pumping action to maximize the flow rate.

During sodium chlorate production electrolysis process Hydrogen gas generated at the cathode. The hydrogen gas produced displaces liquor and reduces the specific gravity of the electrolyzer and outlet piping contents. High rate liquor circulation occurs with the difference in specific gravity between the liquor in the electrolyzer and that in the reactor which is achieved by hydrogen gas lift without using pumps for pumping.

In chlorate industries hydrogen gas lifting cells ( gas lift electrolyzer ) are used to produce Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3) from Sodium Chloride (NaCl) by means of electrolytic oxidation. Sodium chlorate’s major application is in the production of chlorine dioxide for use in wood pulp industry bleaching, where sodium chlorate is used for on-site generation of chlorine dioxide, formed by the reduction of sodium chlorate. Pulp mills uses electrolysis process to generate sodium chlorate then uses hydrochloric acid to reduce it to ClO2.

Capacity Range - 4KA to 48KA


TiTaN's GAS LIFTING CELL comprises electrode assembly enclosed by a compartment (cell enclosure) made completely from titanium. TiTaN designs,manufactures and supplies Hydrogen Gas Lift Cells with multiple configurations which includes

Hydrogen gas-lift electrolytic cell with titanium enclosure, Cathodes of Carbon Steel , Anodes of Platinum / Iridium/ Ruthenium oxides on titanium substrates.

Hydrogen gas-lift cell with titanium enclosure, Cathodes of Special Stainless Steel Alloys,Fin type monopolar Anodes of mixed metal oxides coated on titanium substrates.

Hydrogen gaslifting cell for chlorate electrolysis with titanium enclosure, Cathodes of Carbon Steel , Anodes of mixed metal oxides on titanium substrates.

Anodes Base Plates of Solid Titanium or Titanium Cladded metals.