Titanium Fasteners, Inconel, waspalloy fastener/machined components

The specification of our fasteners meet the demanding requirements laid down by principle markets including Offshore, Refineries, Aerospace, Orthopaedic ,Nuclear plants, Defence, Electro Plating,Power Generation,Chemical industries, Petrochemical industries and many others.

TiTaN manufactures a large, extensive range of special fasteners including nuts, bolts, socket products, studbolts and washers and our fixings are suitable for use within a variety of manufacturing processes.

TiTaN's Fasteners with significant advantages in environments of extreme temperature, pressure and corrosion are extensively used in adverse application, where corrosion, creep, heat resistance and strength are often vital factors.

TiTaN with the precision engineering experience, designs and produces special certified fasteners and machined components for critical applications.

TiTaN, alongside the conventional manufacturing of bar turned fasteners, have invested in modern state-of-the-art CNC machines for the total fastener solution to the customer, whatever the size or material grade - allowing accurate precision components to be supplied to the highest of standards.

In addition to satisfying bulk carton quantity enquiries, the TiTaN's branded ranges also meet the demand for small volume enquiries and small-boxed requirements.

Fasteners Types
  • Slotted cheese screws
  • Nuts ( cap / hexagonal )
  • Washers ( plain / spring )
  • Hexagonal bolts & screws
  • Studs ( full / half threaded )
  • Hexagonal socket head screws