Tailor-made equipments

TiTaN manufactures tailor-made products to meet the exact need of customers. TiTaN also make adaptions and modifications to existing products and repair damaged equipment as well as custom-designing and manufacturing to meet a variety of needs. More than three decades TiTaN the designer, manufacturer and supplier of solid / lined / cladded exotic metal custom process equipment, allow to accomodate special customer requirements and specifications in providing design, engineering, fabrication and consulting services.

TiTaN manufactures custom built equipment such as :

  • Flue gas separator (titanium seperators for chemical plant)
  • Nickel vapor duct (nickel ducts for caustic fusion plant)
  • Candle filter (titanium, nickel,zirconium, monel, inconel fileters)
  • Venturi (ventury) (titanium Gr7 venturies for ARP plants)
  • Ti lined plug screw conveyor (for pulp & paper industries)
  • Titanium lined chemical mixer (for pulp&paper industries)
  • Sparger pipe (titanium, zirconium, Ni pipes for chemical plant)
  • Cladded channel (Ni, tantalum duplex, hastelloy clad channels)
  • Quench cooler (quench coolers for pulp and paper industries)
  • Spray nozzle (titanium, zirconium, hastelloy,nickel, SS)
  • Vibration dampener (titanium, duplex, zirconium,monel, SS)
  • Ritort (tantalum, nickel retort for caustic chlorine plants)
  • ClO2 generator (titanium generator for chlorine dioxide plant)
  • Expansion bellow (Ti Gr 7 bellow for acid regeneration plant)
  • Acid lance (titanium grade 7 acid lance for acid regeneration)
  • Sparay boom header (Ti grade 7 header for ARP plants)
  • Spray nozzle (titanium Gr 7 nozzles for acid regeneration plants)
  • Filter feed drum (super duplex feed drum for PTA plants)

3rd Party Agencies

  • Technimont ICB
  • EIL / H&G / SGS / DNV

While designing your custom made equipment, TiTaN address the properties including operating temperature, operating pressure, corrosion considerations, operating environment, materials of construction and appropriate design standardsands.

TiTaN has its own fully equiped finishing and testing facilities. So that we can complete all required finishing and testing processes in our facility itself.

TiTaN's high tech design and appropriate material selection delivers efficient performance and high reliability while reducing maintenance and cost.