Electroplated platinum anodes-epma

Platinum is a precious metal having very good physical and chemical properties such as

high corrosion resistance
thermal conductivity
catalytic nature

As it is very expensive, platinum cannot be used in its solid form as an anode. So that Platinised Metal Anodes ( Pt Anode ) are produced by electroplating platinum ( Pt ) on a specially treated precious metal ( Titanium / Niobium / Tantalum / Zirconium ) substrate by means of electrodeposition process.

Thus electroplated metal anodes are economical as well as it retains the superior physical and chemical properties of platinum.

According to the substrate material used, the platinized anodes are called as

electroplated titanium anode ( EPMA -Ti )
electroplated niobium anode ( EPMA -Nb )
electroplated zirconium anodes ( EPMA -Zr )
electroplated tantalum anodes ( EPMA -Ta )

TiTaN's electroplated metal anodes are most suitable to various critital special applications.


Electrowinning anode
Cathodic protection anodes
Rhodium plating anode
Anodes for sensing elements
Chromium plating anode
Hard chrome plating anodes
Copper plating anodes
Gold plating anodes

TYPES OF ANODES WE OFFER (geometry wise)

Platinized niobium box anode
Platinised tantalum rod anode
Platinized titanium wire anode
Platinized zirconium ring anode
Platinized niobium plate anode
Platinized Ti Ribbon anodes
Platinized NbTubular anodes
Platinized Ta Perforate anode
Platinised Zr Mesh anodes
Platinised bucket anodes


Platinized anodes are having high current resistance
Economical ( due to minimum platinum requirement )
Platinised anode 's dimensional stability is very high )
Platinized anodes are having better conduction properties platinized titanium mesh anode
for Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Anodes ( MMO Anode )