Electrocoagulation cell

Electrocoagulation (electrofloculation), process destabilize and aggregates smaller particles into larger particles. Electrocoagulation also neutralise the ions and particle charges, thereby allowing contaminants to precipitate forming colloids of contaminated particles. Colloids formed in the electrocoagulation reactor are destabilised and aggregated which are removed by sedimentation or filtration.


TiTaN®'s PIXECELL™ electrocoagulation cell engages electrolysis process by introducing electric current into the coagulation cell. Reaction occurs at the electrodes to produce ions in the water continuously. The released ions neutralize the charges of the suspended particles (pollutants) and thereby initiate coagulation and removes undesirable contaminants.


Model Design Capacity (litres/hour) Electrolyzer Capacity (KLD)
PIXE-S-1.2/50 50 1.2
PIXE-S-2.4/100 100 2.4
PIXE-S-4.8/200 200 4.8
PIXE-S-7.2/300 300 7.2
PIXE-S-10/425 425 10.0
PIXE-S-15/625 625 15.0
PIXE-S-20/850 850 20.0
PIXE-S-25/1K 1050 25.0
PIXE-S-100/4.2K 4200 100.0
PIXE-S-500/21K 21000 500.0


Model Design Capacity (litres/hour) Plant Capacity (KLD)
PIXE-E-10 500 10
PIXE-E-25 1250 25
PIXE-E-50 2500 50
PIXE-E-100 5000 100
PIXE-E-250 12500 250
PIXE-E-500 25000 500
PIXE-E-1000 50000 1000
  • Eliminates the use of chemicals for treatment
  • Uses Hybrid Monopolar and Bipolar Electrolytic Cell Technology
  • Easily expandable with modular construction
  • Designed for continuous noiseless operation
  • Small footprint and can be retrofitted in existing facility
  • Ensures compliance with discharge parameters
  • Low Capital Cost and better performance to cost ratio
  • Electrocoagulation Cell for removing Oil & refinery wastes (sewage / effluent water )
  • Electrocoagulation raector for removing soluble/ emulsified oil waste from wastewater
  • Electrocoagulation for marine waste / bilge water treatment (marine black & gray water)
  • Electrocoagulation Cell for paper mill waste Treatment - RT Pure™ System
  • Electrocoagulation Cell for metal plating effluent treatment - surface finishing Industrial Sewage / Effluent (wastewater) Treament .
  • PIXECELL™ CELL for food, dairy , poultry & domestic household sewage waste treatment.
  • Chromate, lead and heavy metal removal from industrial effluent -RT Pure™ System
  • Textile & Tanneries Wastewater Treatment