Electroplating Jigs & Racks

Corrosion, etching free Electroplating Accessories in Titanium

For over three decades TiTaN have led the field of design and competitive manufacture of all types of jigs and jigging systems for electroplating and anodising. TiTaN offers standard designs and custom built jigs

TiTaN’s unique and experienced light engineering (surface finishing) jig design team is able to create jigs and racks which are easy to load and unload almost irrespective of a component's size or configuration. The abilities of our in-house jigs and fixture design facilities enable simple jigs and more complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customer’s requirements.

TiTaN design, manufacture and supplies Jigs and Racks for Electroplating and Anodising industries including aircraft, motor, electronics, electroless, engineering and domestic appliances.

  • Cost effective, non-corrosive
  • Fabricated using high resistant alloys/ metals
  • High level conductivity
  • Proper conductivity for electrocoloring
  • Ease of Loading and unracking parts
  • secure contact point provisions
  • Ease of fabrication