Coils for Electroplating Industries

TiTaN designs and manufactures high quality heating and cooling coils for industrial uses. Heating coils are manufactured of various constructions which includes helical coil, spiral coils, box type coil, drum type coil, 'S' , 'U' type coils, tapered, oval type coil, circular coils, serpentine coil, double helical coil, triple helical coil, rectangular coil, limpet coils, miter type coil, half pipe coils and other special constructions. Materials:

In all the plating (electro plating) industries plating bath tank should be equipped with a suitable thermostatically controlled heating device to heat the plating solution (bath). Heaters can be used in small or medium scale plating industrial operation. Heating coil is used where steam or thermic fluid is used for large scale plating industrial operation. TiTaN offers electro plating industrial coils in various material of construction which suits for your electro-chemical plating process.

It can be supplied in various Shapes as per customer requirement. Typical Applications are as a Cooling Coil in Acid Zinc, Acid Copper and also Hard Chrome Baths.

TITaN offer a wide range of standard coil products and custom specified products which will fit most applications to suit your specific requirements.

TiTaN specializes in direct replacement coil units, matching the overall casing dimensions of your original unit, regardless of size or materials of construction.