Diaphragm Cell anode


Diaphragm cell technology is one of the electrolytic process adopted in chlor alkali industries. In diaphragm cell process, a permeable asbestos based diaphragm is used to separate the anode products from the cathode products. Saturated brine enters the anode compartment of the cell where chlorine gas is liberated. The diaphragm allows the migration of sodium ions only from the anode chamber to the cathode chamber.

The collected chlorine from anode chamber is purified by liquefaction & evaporation. Commercial caustic soda is produced from the caustic brine collected from the cathode chamber.

Two types mixed metal oxide ( mmo ) coated titanium diaphragm cell anodes are available :

perforated plate diaphragem cell ( electrolyzer ) anodes
mesh type diaphragm cell anode ( box type anode )