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TiTaN's Solution to Corrosion (Cathodic Protection)

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Soil Resistivity, Current Drain, Ground Bed Location

TiTaN, the manufacturer of entire range of corrosion control (Cathodic Protection) Anodes has gained more than three decades (Since 1981) of experience and expertise in Cathodic Protection material supply and services.





Marine Anodes
Marine Anodes
High / Standard Potential Anode
Hull Anode Hull Anode Bare Anode
Tank Anode Tank Anode Prepacked Anode
Offshore Anodes
Offshore Anodes
D-Shaped Anode
Platform Anode Platform Anode Ribbon Anode
Jetty & Wharf Anodes Jetty & Wharf Anodes Extruded Anode
Bracelet Anodes Bracelet Anodes Aqua Anode
Industrial Anodes
Industrial Anodes
Condenser Anode Condenser Anode
Heater Anode Heater Anode
Boiler Anode Boiler Anode
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MMO Titanium Anodes

Platinised Anodes

High Silicon Anodes

Wire Anodes
Platinised Titanium Anodes
Double Headed Anode
Ribbon Anode Probe Anodes Single Headed Anode
Expanded Mesh Anode Wire Anode Tubular Anode
Probe anode
Platinized Niobium Anodes
Prepacked Anode
Tubular Anode Wire Anode
Solid Rod Anode Copper Cored Niobium anode