Copper flexibles

High conductivity flexible and connectors for better electroplating at plating-bath-temperatures with custom designs - sizes covering the desired cross section area, slotted holes on request.

Since 1981, TiTaN - the manufacturer and supplier of chemical process equipment, offers a wide range (0.05 to 1 mm) of copper and aluminium foil (foils) flexible electrical conductors for electrolyzer (electrolyser) cells and switch gear industries. TiTaN 's flexibles (riveted or hot press bonded) are made out of electrolytic grade copper foils and sheets conforming to BS 2870-C 101 / IS - 191 specification.

Our flexibles are manufactured using high power automatic pressure resistance welding (Fusion Welding).

According to the application, TiTaN 's Copper (Cu) and Aluminium (Al) flexible cords (suitable for wiring or connecting industrial devices, machinery, appliances and tools, extensions) are classified as :

: : copper or aluminium flexible for switchgear (switch gear) units
: : copper or aluminium conductor for vacuum circuit breaker
: : copper or aluminium flexible connector for electrolytic cell (cells)
: : copper or aluminium flexible for power station, electrical industries
: : Cu or Al flexible for chlorate, perchlorate, chlor alkali industries
: : Cu flexibles for mercury, membrane cells, diaphragm, modular cell
: : Cu or Al flexibles for electroplating (plating) industry

  • negligible power loss (almost zero), uniform current distribution
  • absorbs thermal & dynamic stresses due to short circuit
  • avoid deformation of electrical cable & busbar (bus bar)
  • absorps vibrations of moving parts & avoids breakage of insulator
  • less resistance & greater self-life (cryo treated flexible conductors)
  • non corrosive flexibles (tinned flexible electrical connectors)