Continuous Electro De-ionization Cell

Produce consistently high quality pure water

Pure water production by continuous electro de ionization process, RO feed hard water to pure water, ,semiconductor wafer fabrication de-ionized water production, RO feed water polishing.

TiTaN®'s AME EDI™ an electrodeionization technology, a dependable, efficient, robust & clean technology providing high consistent water quality at optimum operating costs. AME EDI™ Membrane Cell uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) product water as feed to produce consistently high quality pure water for all your pure water needs ,effectively replacing chemically regenerated deionizer without the chemicals, regeneration steps and associated labor.

AME EDI™ electro de-ionisation cell eliminates all hazardous acid and caustic neutralization required by chemical deionizer regenerations which result in large excesses of salts to drain.

Replacement electrolysers for continuous electro de-ionization

TiTaN’s AME EDI™ Cell modules are specifically designed for the replacement of existing EDI modules. AME EDI™ replacement modules optimizes performance and maintains continuous product quality. AME EDI™ modules delivers uninterrupted water production of high purity without regeneration downtime..

  • No need for acid/caustic,neutralization systems or exchangeable DI tanks
  • Clean technology provides superior quality ultrapure water
  • Continuously generated ion exchange resins eliminate hazardous chemical regeneration or costly resin replacement.
  • Reduced electrical consumption and operating expenses with AME EDI™ membrane electro de-ionizer
  • AME EDI™ Electro De ionizer are leak-free operation with stable, continuous performance
  • TiTaN's Electro De ionizer are reliable and high resistance to scaling