Commercial salt water pool chlorinator

Salt Water Pool Chlorination : turn your swimming pool to algae,virus and bacteria- free pool

Chlorine swimming pools have a tendency to irritate skin and eyes by spending a period of time in a chlorine swimmingpool. Body itching and eyes will be bloodshot by using chlorine in swimming pools.
With a salt water swimming pool there are no so said problems and are free from itching or burning eyes after spending long time in salt water swimming pool.

This makes the salt water swimming pool the choice of most homeowners in the market today.

Greater water quality of salt water swimming pools makes them the best adoptable pool among the fastest growing segment of the swimming pool industry, making one and his family enjoy the swim with luxurious water and smooth silky feeling.

The salt water pool chlorinated using (chlorine as NaOCl) Salt Water Chlorinators (salt water generators) using electrolysis process has the great advantages compared to chlorine pools. With Salt water chlorination, there is no chlorine smell, no green hair or red eyes.

  • Automatic Chlorinator
  • Proven performance
  • Advanced Engineering & design
  • Safest & most durable
  • Simple & economical
  • Automatic Cell self-cleaning
  • Intelligent 24/7 operation
  • No Hazard chemical storage
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