Pressure Vessels - Columns & Towers

Fabricated for Your Pressurized Process Needs

TiTaN’s metallic columns are manufactured in exotic materials or alloys, ranging from duplex or super duplex stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys up to reactive metals - titanium, tantalum and zirconium according to the constraints of the customer's process.

TiTaN have developed an internationally-recognized reputation for developing engineering and offering metal fabrication solutions for alternative energies, bio-products, and process industries – chemical, petrochemical, ClO2 Plants, fertilizers, chemicals, formic acid plants, acetic acid plants, fine chemicals, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, mining & minerals, refineries, pulp and paper ; compliant with demanding process constraints such as corrosion, high pressure and high temperature.

TiTaN’s Metallic columns can be used as stripper columns, Distillation columns, Saponification columns, Drying columns, Light ends columns, Absorption towers, Leach vessel, emergency scrubbers, knock out drums, cyclone separators or other specified constructions.

Our latest findings within metallurgy research keeps us continuous developing new products in collaboration with our customers; products which often demand unconventional and specially adapted solutions. TiTaN has a strong history for providing reactors, crystallisers, columns, heat exchangers and piping in titanium grade 2. and utilizes the latest welding and fabrication techniques to industry standards to meet local and international markets.

Decades of experience in design and fabrication of heavy equipments of exotic materials allow TiTaN to provide any design including solid, lined or cladded construction.

Heat Exchangers Types
  • Ethylene stripper column
  • Distillation column
  • Saponification column
  • Emergency scrubber
  • Light ends column
  • Drying column
  • Absorption tower
  • De-chlorination tower
  • Experienced and qualified welding teams
  • Strong History and large range of references in acetic acid
  • Experience in designing solid or cladded pressure vessels
  • Design according to international standards
  • Material according to ASTM, EN, AS, GB
  • Dedicated clean room for manufacturing
  • Proven quality system
  • Cost-effective solution