Heating / Cooling Coils

Industrial Heating & Cooling Immersion Coils

TiTaN's electroplting division offers Heating / Cooling Coils for heating different kinds of chemicals by means of passing hot water, steam or gas through pipe or tube. Our coils are widely used in industries like chemical, electroplating and metal finishing.

TiTaN has the capability to manufacture coils with a wide range of materials including titanium, tantalum, nickel, monel, zirconium,hast alloy, inco alloys and special grade stainless steel. TiTaN's corrosion resistant coils are also available to help match a corrosion and chemical erosion solution to your budget.

Whether your factory environment is acidic or alkaline, salt-laden, or de-ionized, we have the capability to select the proper combination of materials to match your duty requirements. TiTaN efficiently manufactures a wide range of coil sizes and dimensions.

In all the plating (electro plating) industries plating bath tank should be equipped with a suitable thermostatically controlled heating device to heat the plating solution (bath). Heaters can be used in small or medium scale plating industrial operation. Heating coil is used where steam or thermic fluid is used for large scale plating industrial operation.

Other than plating, TiTaN 's heating / cooling coils are mainly used in swimming pool heater (heating coil), pool / spa cooler (cooling coil), aquarium heaters (heating coils), pharmaceutical industries (titanium pharma coil), speciality chemical industires (speciality chemical industrial heating / cooling coil), thermosyphon systems etc.

Coils Types
  • helical coil
  • spiral coils
  • box type coil
  • drum type coil
  • 'S' , 'U' type coils
  • tapered, oval type coil
  • circular coils
  • serpentine coil
  • double helical coil
  • triple helical coil
  • rectangual coil
  • limpet coils
  • miter type coil
  • half pipe coils
  • Experienced and qualified welding teams
  • Strong History and large range of references in acetic acid
  • Experience in designing solid or cladded pressure vessels
  • Design according to international standards
  • Material according to ASTM, EN, AS, GB
  • Dedicated clean room for manufacturing
  • Proven quality system
  • Cost-effective solution