Chrome Plating Platinized anodes

Platinized Niobium anodes, platinised Titanium anodes for chrome/hard chromium plating

Platinized niobium anodes, the most recommended anodes for modern chrome plating baths are less prone to corrosion. We also supply platinized, non-alloyed titanium for non-fluoride electrolyte composition, or for plating baths with very low concentration of fluoride ions in the electrolyte composition.

TiTaN's range of platinized anodes for chrome plating baths include platinized titanium or platinized niobium based metal anodes. We are expertise in anode design and can manufacture anodes accordingly to pass through the required amount of current.

Platinized anodes for Chrome plating baths are dimensionally stable and results consistent-thickness plating process. TiTaN's platinized niobium anode (PLANMA) are designed with Niobium (Nb) metal-base that withstands F-content of your plating bath.

Contact us for Mixed oxides coated activated titanium (mmo anodes) for decorative Chrome Plating.


  • ☞ Increased the plating thickness
  • ☞ Replacements for existing hard chrome plating baths
  • ☞ Non Corrosive Substrate Materials
  • ☞ Platinized Titanium/ Niobium Metal of Choice for Your Plating Bath
  • ☞ Flexible Designs to fit Your Chrome Plating Bath

How To Order Anodes

To place an order with us, we need the following informations from you. So please provide these details when You are ready to buy platinized anodes.

1. Provide the style of anode and the dimensions.
2. Select alloy / base metal for Platinum coating.
3. Choose hook style for suspension
4. Please advise the length of the anode. Generally we measure anodes from where the hook hangs on the bus bar to the bottom of the anode.
5. Your Required quantity of anodes to be ordered.