Hypochlorite generator (Chlorinator) anodes

Replacement anodes for Hypochlorite generating Cells (electrolyser)

TiTaN 's precious mixed metal oxide coated ( activated ) titanium anode s are being widely used in all type of sea water electrolyzer and domestic chlorinator ( hypo chlorite generators ). According to the anode used in the electrolyzer, it can be classified as :
Mono polar electrochlorinator
Bi polar electrolyzer

Replacement Cells Offered by electrolyser polarity

monopolar electrolyzer anode ( mmo coated titanium anode )
bipolar chlorinator anode ( activated titanium anode )

electrode assembled or skids offered

mesh type sea water chlorinator anode ( mmo coated anodes )
plate type domestic chlorinator anode (activated titanium anodes )
disc type hypochlorite generator anode ( titanium mmo anodes)
tubular type industrial chlorinator anode ( mmo tubular Ti anodes )
electrode assembly for seawater chlorinators
electrode skids or modules for chlorination equipment


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