Anode Baskets (Titanium)

Titanium Basket Anodes for Metal finishing / anodising Industries

TiTaN, dedicated to provide high-quality anode baskets and manufactures wide range of standard anode baskets, custom designed baskets reliable for gentle & enduring finishing excellence.

TiTaN's titanium Anode Baskets are fabricated from the finest grade of titanium and are very durable. Titanium Baskets have an excellent finish and are designed with the sides and base made from a solid sheet and the hooks welded to ensure good electrical conductivity. Anode baskets can be made in all grades of titanium depending on the application.

TiTaN fabricates larger, non-standard sizes and round baskets. The non-standard baskets include Spiral anode baskets in various lengths, Conforming Anode baskets for Barrel plating, Reel to Reel Plating Baskets, Special Application Baskets. TiTaN also fabricates titanium hooks and plating accessories for almost all type of plating industries.


Mini-Expanded / Micro Mesh
3/8" x 1/2" (approx 65 % mesh open area)
Mini-Expanded / Micro Mesh
Large Expanded: 1/2" x 1.25" (approx 75 % mesh open area)
Large Expanded Perforated
1/2" diameter on 11/16" staggered centers (approx 50 % mesh open area)

To extend the service life of our anode basket.

Always keep the anode basket filled.
Avoid bridging of anode material.

Anode Baskets Types
  • cylindrical anode basket
  • rectangular anode basket
  • square type anode basket
  • circular type anode basket
  • panel typel anode baskets
  • bucket, spiral type anode baskets
  • semicircular type anode basket
  • perforated plate anode basket
  • regular expanded mesh anode basket
  • micro expanded mesh anode baskets
  • constant deposition
  • uniform current distribution
  • high anode efficiency
  • durability
  • uniform anode area
  • high strength
  • light weight
  • non corrosive
  • less voltage loss
  • less plating bath contamination
  • reduced consumption of plating material
  • permits use of nickel plates and straps as anodes material)