Equipments for Chlorine Di-oxide Plant

Titanium, Nickel equipments, Components for chlorine-di-oxide Production

TiTaN offers Chlorine-Di-Oxide production equipments with highly corrosion resistant materials-Titanium, Nickel and nickel alloys for pulp bleaching applications in Pulp (Paper-making) Industries.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) has been used as a bleaching chemical (for bleaching pulp) commercially for many years in Pulping Industries. Chlorine Dioxide production processes are based on the reduction of chlorate (using Cl-, CH3OH or SO2) in the presence of either sulphuric or hydrochloric acid where etching and corrosion occurs at the equipments used throughout the process.

Chlorine dioxide being very unstable compound are always produced on the site where it is used and the storage vessels require additional resistance to hold the chemical and must be controlled to minimize decomposition of the ClO2.

Pulp Bleaching Equipments Offerings

Titanium Chlorate Reactor
Titanium Electrolyte Cooler
Titanium Degasifier
Titanium Hydrogen Cooler
Titanium Hydrogen Separator
Nickel Weak Chlorate Evaporator
Nickel Evaporator Condenser
Nickel Chlorine dioxide Generator
Nickel Strong Chlorate Feed Tank
Nickel Hydrogen Demister
Nickel Hydrogen Demister
Titanium Hypo Tower Pump
Titanium Hydrogen Scrubber Pump
Titanium Strong Chlorate Pump
Titanium Electrolyte Pump
Titanium Chlorine dioxide transfer Pump
Nickel Weak Chlorate Pump
Titanium Chlorine dioxide supply Pump
Titanium Pulp Tower Internals
Titanium Pipes and Fittings for CLO2 Line
Titanium Pipes and Fittings for Fibre line